We help you find THE ONE

We are the first app that matches users based on their emotions, creating lasting connections.

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Unique, Innovative matching algorithm

Emoter is the first app that matches people based on their emotional profile, creating lasting connections.

It’s all about you!

We aim for you to find love and the right person with whom to share the best experience of your life!

Ethics and privacy first!

Ethics is one of our core values; your data on our servers is as safe as your money in your bank account.

How it works

Create an account

Easily sign up and create your Emoter profile.

Find emotional match

Intuitive interface, swipe and match!

Match, Chat & Date

Find the right person & share the best experience of your life!

Easy and intuitive app to use

Matching percentage displayed
Undo function available
Express feelings with a tap
Invite friends and earn credits
Check emotional compatibility in real life
Build emotional profile

Build your emotional profile in minutes

Answer questions about your family structure at several levels, in order to build your emotional profile. We analyze the relationships at origin family and extended family levels and we also consider persons that had an important role in your life.

The vital coordinates are the involvement or the closeness perceived in the relationship with all the people in your family, and the quality of the relationship that established between you and them.

Emotional Networking

Easy networking via unique QR code

Let others scan your code or scan other person’s QR code and find out the emotional matching percentage between the two of you!

Invite your friends to join Emoter!

Get 100 credits for every person that joins Emoter, with your invitation link. They also receive a 100 credits welcome bonus for following your invitation.

Check Emotional Compatibility with Real Life Friends

Invite and connect to your real life friend in the Emoter app and see your emotional compatibility on the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the objectives of this App?

We aim to create lasting connections between people by looking for compatibility at a deeper, emotional level.

What will the app cost?

Zero. The app is free to install.

Which stores will your app support?

At the moment we are available on iOS and Android devices.

Can i see what the matching users look like?

YES! While we try to match you by emotional connection, we recognize that the hearts wants what it wants, so users have to upload photos of themselves.